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This page can be used to search all of our affiliated sites simultaneously with Google. When you put two or more words (abc xyz) in the box, Google interprets this as a search for abc plus xyz. To search for a phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks ("abc xyz"). To search our sites individually or a few at a time, use our 22-site search page.

This page was revised on February 5, 2007.

Links to Recommended Companies

  • Netflix: Free 2-week trial of DVD rentals by mail; 55,000 titles available.
  • Amazon Books: Internet's leading source of books, electronics, tools, toys, and many other consumer goods.
  • Evaluates the quality of dietary supplement and herbal products.
  • Healthgrades: Check your doctors' training, board certifications, and disciplinary actions.
  • OnlyMyEmail: Award-winning anti-spam services.