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A Special Message to Cancer Patients Seeking "Alternative" Treatments, 17/10/2016
Prostate Health Resources (Larry Clapp)

Prostate Health in 90 Days (Larry Clapp, 1997-2002)

Promoters of Questionable Methods, 10/1/2017
Larry Clapp, PhD, JD

Dubious Mercury Testing, 21/4/2010
Larry Clapp, a nonpracticing attorney who "coaches" people on how to deal with prostate cancer, prostate problems, and erectile problems, recommends that amalgam fillings be removed as part of his treatment system. In 2002 and 2003, he promoted an Immune Antibody Test," a saliva test that he claimed would help guide "detoxification" after the removal of the fillings. During that period, his mercurytestkits.com Web site claimed that the test measured antibodies created by the immune system to deal with mercury in the tissues and that high readings were associated with serious illness. I am not aware of any such processes. The Web site site that advertised the test is no longer posted; and the lab that was doing it no longer offers it.

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