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A Special Message to Cancer Patients Seeking "Alternative" Treatments, 17/10/2016
Ralph Moss on Cancer

Book Review: The Cancer Industry, 12/10/2010
Ralph Moss would like you to believe that research institutions, hospitals, medical associations, government agencies, foundations and large corporations-which he calls "the cancer industry"-suppress innovation in order to maximize profits. Many of the book's allegations are repeated from a 1980 edition titled The Cancer Syndrome. Both versions have been carefully contrived to promote distrust and fear of scientifically-based cancer treatment.

OTA Report: Methods of the Study, 13/1/2006
Ralph Moss, The Cancer Chronicles

Rebuttal of Timothy N. Gorski, M.D., 17/12/2005
Ralph Moss, who was fired as assistant director of Public Affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center for failing "to properly discharge his most basic job responsibilities." He subsequently wrote The Moss Reports, The Cancer Chronicles and several books that attack science-based medicine and extol unproven cancer treatments including those of Stanislaw Burzynski and others. He is still on the Cancer Advisory Panel of the NCCAM and has said that "There is nothing inherently 'ludicrous' about guided imagery, yoga, massage, homeopathy and therapeutic touch" in curing serious disease .

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