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714X: An Unproven Product

Canadian Health Protection Branch

The Health Protection Branch is concerned about recent public interest in the product 714X which is being claimed to be a cure for AIDS and cancer.

No scientific data have been provided to the Health Protection Branch to support these claims. Those reports which are available are anecdotal and circumstantial.

714X is a chemical solution produced in Quebec by Gaston Naessens. It has been analyzed by the Health Protection Branch and found to contain a mixture of camphor, ammonium chloride and nitrate, sodium chloride, ethanol, and water.

At a recent meeting in Vancouver, the Expert Advisory Committee on HIV Therapy to the Health Protection Branch unanimously deplored the use of 714X for the treatment of cancer and human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-related disease including AIDS. Me Committee stressed that there could be secondary effects with this treatment.

Approval for the medical use of 714X in Canada would require documentation of the safety and efficacy of this product. This requires that the manufacturer submit results of studies in animals and humans which provide substantial evidence to support the safety and efficacy of the drug for the claims indicated. Usually, this type of evidence is gathered over the course of many years through studies that an of an acceptable scientific nature approved by the Branch. The manufacturer would also be required. to provide a detailed description of the manufacturing proem.,

Canadian Food and Drug Regulations provide for the use of an investigational drug in extenuating circumstances involving illness of a serious or life-threatening nature. Under the Emergency Drug Release Program (EDRP). a physician may request, on compassionate plea, a drug which has not been approved for either investigative human use (clinical trials) or for general marketing. In such a case, the Health Protection Branch may authorize limited quantities of the drug to be released to that physician for a specific patient.

Most physicians are reluctant to a product for which there is no scientific evidence to indicate possible benefit, particularly if the product is associated with dramatic overstatement of anticipated benefit. It must be clearly understood that authorization under EDRP does not imply endorsement or approval in any way of the quality. the manufacturing process or the clinical use of the product It is merely an authority to the drug manufacturer to supply the product to the requesting physician, thereby ensuring that the product has been provided legally.

To date, no substantive information regarding 714X has been submitted to the Health Protection Branch. The Branch does not have any medical evidence to support the claim of usefulness of 714X in the treatment of AIDS or cancer. Its safety is unproven.

At this time, the Health Protection Branch regards 714X as an unproven product for which evidence to support treatment claims is lacking.


This article is part of a series of "Issues" produced by the Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare, Canada. It was originally published on January 24, 1990 and re-checked in October 1991, October 1992, March 1993.

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This article was posted on November 25, 1999.