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Radio Infomercial with Seasilver's
Robert Friedman, D.C.

This is a transcript of a radio infomercial in which Barry Nevins and Joy Donigan interview Robert Friedman, D.C., co-chairman of Seasilver's medical Advisry board. The program, which was aired in 2002 and 2003, is filled with misinformation. In June 2003, the Federal Trade Commission charged Firedman and the company with false advertising and filed suit in a Nevada court. The bracketed comments have been added by Stephen Barrett, M.D.


(Music playing.)

Barry Nevins: This is Barry Nevins.

Joy Donigan: My name is Joy Donigan. I'm a registered nurse. Jane and I are both licensed nutritionists. You're listening to the Donigan Nutrition Hour. I'm so excited about today's show because we're going to be talking about a new product called Seasilver, and we have a guest on today, his name is Dr. David Friedman and he comes from North Carolina. [During the program I recorded, no mention was made that it was a paid infomercial.]

Nevins: Also, he's very, very bright, particularly in any reference to how to take your vitamins and what to take and what not to take with it. A tremendous, tremendous doctor and he introduced us to the Seasilver product.

Donigan: Good morning, Dr. Friedman. [The program does not mention that Friedman is a chiropractor, which means that some listeners may conclude that he is a medical doctor.]

David Friedman: Good morning, Joy.

Donigan: Welcome to our show.

Friedman: Good to be here.

Donigan: And I want you to start talking to us about Seasilver and how you got involved and so forth.

Friedman: First, I want to tell you that I've spent many years researching nutrition, and each time I would learn something new, I would even be more confused about which nutrients I should take. I mean, after all, the health food stores, when you walk in, are just filled with hundreds of choices. How do you figure out exactly which one you should take? [The simplest way is to keep a food diary for a week and have someone who knows how analyze it to see whether any nutrients are missing.]

For example, it's well-documented how important it is to take calcium. However, if you take calcium, you have to take magnesium with it or you're wasting your time. And in order for magnesium and calcium to absorb properly, you should take boron. And for all of this to properly assimilate, amino acids are needed. [Not true.]

Then there's all those wonderful studies out there proving Vitamin E's effect on preventing heart disease. [Taking vitamin E supplements for this purpose has not been proven beneficial.] Well, current research shows that in order to maintain normal blood concentrations of Vitamin E, you must take the mineral zinc. However, if you take zinc, you have to take a proper balance of copper and Vitamin C. Oh, and if you purchase your Vitamin C, don't forget your required bioflavonoids. So, really, if you want to know the exact nutrients your body requires, you have to spend about eight years getting a Ph.D. in nutrition -- [No, all it requires is consulting someone who is trustworthy. Friedman has invented problem for which he can sell you a solution.]


Friedman: -- or you can take a liquid nutrient called Seasilver. You see, one ounce of Seasilver contains every vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme known to man in a natural perfect balance, and because it's in a liquid form, it actually starts to absorb within seconds. [The product label lists lots of nutrients but does not state amounts, which makes it impossible to determine whether the amounts are significant.] Interestingly, two years ago, the United States Nutritional Advisory Board published a report that states that liquid vitamin and mineral supplements are far superior to pills, showing a higher blood concentration with a lower frequency dosage. [I have never heard of the "United States Nutritional Advisory Board" and could find no mention of such an entity except for the claim by Dr. Friedman.]

And according to the Physicians Desk Reference -- that's on page 1542 -- vitamin and mineral pills are 10% absorbed. That means for every $100 Americans spend on vitamin pills, they're flushing about $90 down the toilet. [I have been unable to locate a copy of such a statement. The PDR for Nonprescription Products contains a chart alleging that vitamin pills have only 10% as much absorption as a vitamin spray. The chart does not indicate any amounts or how the chart was derived. Entries in this reference book are paid advertisements that do not undergo review by the book's editors. Regardless, the statement that vitamin and mineral pills are 10% absorbed in preposterous.]

Now, in some cases, you absorb none of the pills. I'll never forget when a patient came up a day after she had a clogged up septic tank repaired, and what she told me next will forever be engraved in my memory. One of the men told her that they had found the cause of her blocked up septic tank and they proceeded to show her hundreds of undigested vitamins, some of them with the name brand still readable. [That's an interesting story, but I don't believe it.]

Donigan: Interesting.

Friedman: And even in my own office, I'll often see undigested mineral pills showing up in the lower intestines on my patient's x-ray. The reason for this is due to the high metallic content of these pills.

Donigan: Um-hum.

Friedman: Metallic minerals like oyster shell, carbonates, oxides and dolomites are made up from ground up rocks. Well, our bodies aren't designed to digest crushed rock, so they pass right through. [Not true.]

Nevins: That's incredible.

Friedman: Well, knowing all of this, I began searching for a liquid supplement that would reach a cellular level and I found Seasilver to be the only supplement on the market to have the quality and quantity of nutrients worth taking. Seasilver is a delicious tasting nutrient that has a 98% absorption rate. Because it's in a liquid form, it is much more convenient than taking a whole handful of pills. It also allows those people with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, hiatal hernia and diverticulitis to take nutrients that may have normally irritated them in a pill form. [There's no reason to believe that Seasilver is much better absorbed than other nutrient preparations. I am not aware of any published tests results.]

The contents of Seasilver is cold-processed aloe vera, quadruple strength Pau D'Arco, colloidal silver and an exclusive variety of sea vegetation that contains every nutrient known to man. This product cleanses the organs, purifies the blood, nourishes the body, oxygenates at a cellular level and strengthens the immune system. [There's no scientific evidence that it does any of these things.] With Seasilver, how can you do anything but improve your health on a daily basis?

The base ingredient in Seasilver is aloe vera and it is a cold-processed aloe. It is hand-fileted and it is not pasteurized or watered down. Pasteurized aloe is heated and this process destroys its nutritional content. There's a lot of watered-down aloe vera products on the market today. The problem with this is water is the number one breeding ground for bacteria. So, to keep bacteria from forming, companies that sell watered-down aloe have to load it with preservatives. Seasilver doesn't have to do this. Aloe is also one of the finest intestinal cleansers and blood purifiers. It also aids in the relief of indigestion and ulcers and it contains more oxygen molecules than any plant known to man. [Aloe vera is not good source of nutrients. Moreover, aloe verq juice is a laxative. So whether or not one type of aloe product is better than another makes little difference. There's no good reason to use aloe vera products.]

Donigan: So, I understand there's like a 40% oxygen content in Seasilver. How does that come about, Dr. Friedman?

Friedman: Well, actually, that's the most amazing part about Seasilver, its ability to oxygenate at a cellular level. We use a patented oxygenating mechanism called the multi-trans unit. This device increases the available oxygen in Seasilver to an astounding 40%, and this number has been documented by using atomic mass spectrometer analysis. [Nothing taken by mouth increases the amount of oxygen available to body cells. What Freidman means by 40% oxygen content is inclear. If he is referring to the fact that water molecules contain oxygen, that makes no difference becaue they do not break down to release it within the body.]

No other product in the entire United States can offer this much cellular oxygen. Why do we need oxygen? Well, before 1905, virtually nobody had cancer. In the 1940s, only 2% of the population had cancer. As a matter of fact, those that lived in the 1940s heard about cancer, but it was very rare to know somebody who had it. It just wasn't very common. But today, 35% of Americans now have cancer. The Cancer Institute predicts that 50% of Americans will have some form of cancer. That's one out of two. That's either you or your neighbor will have some form of cancer.

Well, to figure out why cancer is increasing so rapidly, first, let's look at what causes cancer. In 1931, a physician named Dr. Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer. He found that the growth of cancer is initiated by a lack of oxygen in the cells. He concluded that cancer cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment. Other experts have linked many other diseases to a lack of oxygen, including AIDS, allergies, yeast infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and even arthritis. [Otto Warburg, MD, discovered specific respiratory enzyme complexes and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine twice. His idea that cancer cells thrive under low levels of oxygen was based on observations that the rates of respiration in tumors are below normal. He theorized that cancer cells can function without oxygen and can be destroyed by high levels of oxygen. However, modern researchers credit the reduced respiration rate and lower oxygen levels in tumors to the poor blood supply and lack of blood vessels in tissue surrounding rapidly growing tumors. Thus, there is no current scientific reason for the use of specific products that are claimed to kill tumors by raising levels of oxygen in the blood. Morover, even if there were, nothing in Seasilver can raise blood or cellular oxygen levels.]

By analyzing air bubbles found in fossils, scientists have proven that millions of years ago, there was close to 40% oxygen in the atmosphere. 100 years ago, the air had 38% oxygen. [That is utter nonsense. If the level had been that high, fires would have broken out all over the world.] But because of the rapid growth during the 20th Century, we have deforested our planet and now have only 16% oxygen in our atmosphere. [More nonsense. The atmospheric oxygen content at sea level is about 21%.] The air we breathe today contains the lowest level of oxygen in the history of the world. [More nonsense.] The disease causing organisms that were unable to survive in an oxygen-rich environment are now able to flourish in epidemic proportions. By taking Seasilver, we can send more oxygen to our cells, making our body unattractive to many viruses and bacteria. One of the main things that also helps with the immune system is the colloidal silver involved in the product. [Ingesting silver does not protect the immune system or help prevent infectious disease.]

Donigan: Right.

Friedman: Thousands of clinical studies have shown that colloidal silver boosts the immune system and destroys viruses, bacteria and fungus [Clooidal silver has not been shown to "boost the immune system." Some laboratory tests have demonstrated antimicrobial activity, but silver is neither effective nor safe to use within the body.] Antibiotics prescribed by your medical doctor only kill about half a dozen different disease organisms. [False. Scores of infectious organisms are vulnerable to antimicrobial treatment.] Well, research on colloidal silver has shown that it has been successful in the treatment of over 650 different diseases, including cancer, AIDS, strep, staph, shingles and even herpes. [Untrue.]

Interestingly, in March of 1978, Science Digest called silver the mightiest germ fighter known. Of all these studies that were conducted on silver, they were done on three to five parts per million of colloidal silver. Well, Seasilver uses a five part per million, 99.999% pure colloidal silver. They use a very advanced .001 micron filter -- now, this is the same filter used on kidney dialysis machines. This powerful filter ensures the purest colloidal silver on the

Also, Seasilver uses only electrically processed silver, never chemically processed, and the Environmental Protection Agency's Poison Control Center reports absolutely no human toxicity for colloidal silver. However, it is toxic to fungus, bacteria, parasites and even some viruses. And many renowned scientists and physicians have confirmed the healing ability of colloidal silver.

There's a physician named Dr. Becker. He's with Upstate Medical Center at Syracuse University. He concluded that presenting silver into the body causes the elimination of cancerous and other disease-forming cells. [During the 1970s, Robert O. Becker, M.D., conducted experiments in laboratory preparations and in humans who were having trouble healing fractures. Becker's 1985 book, The Body Electric (pp167-168), describes how he found local infection-suppressing effects by sending low-level electric currents through silver wires into areas where fractured bones were not healing properly. But he states that "with the advent of better infection-fighting drugs, silver fell out of favor because its ions bind avidly to proteins and thus don't penetrate tissue beyond the very surface." In other words, Becker'sresearch, abandoned long ago, related to local effects on bones and had nothing to do with any general use of silver products to fight infections or cancer.]

Donigan: Hmm.

Friedman: The other powerful nutrient in Seasilver is Pau D'Arco, and Pau D'Arco has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years and is labeled by the most renowned nutritionists as the best natural blood purifier and lymphatic cleanser available. [There is no such thing as "purification of the blood" or "lymphatic cleansing."

Research has shown that the inner bark of the South American Lapachol tree is much more effective than the outer bark. Also, for those of you out there taking Pau D'Arco tablets or capsules, you're wasting your money, because in order for Pau D'Arco to be effective, it must be boiled first to 212 degrees. This boiling process releases the oils and esters from the bark and allows the active ingredient to be released.

Seasilver uses only boiled inner bark Pau D'Arco. Pau D'Arco, interestingly, is completely resistant to fungus and mold spores and it's been effectively used by people to help control yeast infections and even some form of allergies. As a matter of fact, in South America, they're actually curing cancer by drinking Pau D'Arco tea. [Not true.] And speaking of cancer, in the 1970s, the National Cancer Institute reported that Pau D'Arco's main ingredient is a powerful, natural antibiotic that has virus-killing properties. Dr. Norman Farnsworth from the University of Illinois confirmed these claims and stated that Pau D'Arco contains compounds which seem to attack the cause of cancer. [Pau d'arco has no proven therapeutic utility. Lapachol, its most celebrated ingredient, has demonstrated some anticancer properties but is too toxic for practical use. In trials with human cancer patients, as soon as effective plasma levels were attained, undesirable side effects were severe enough to require that the drug be stopped. Animal and other laboratory studies have demonstrated that lapachol also possesses antibiotic, antimalarial, and antischistosomal properties, but scientific studies have not been done in humans because of the problem of toxicity.]

Donigan: Well, that's why you have so many testimonials from people with cancer and prostate cancer and breast cancer that have gone into remission since they've been on this product.

(Music playing.)

Announcer: One bottle costs $39.95. Save $20 by ordering three for 100. Or for maximum savings, you can order a case of 12 for $300, which is only $25 per bottle. This wholesale price saves about $15 per bottle of Seasilver. Prices include shipping and handling in the continental United States. And because Seasilver is a whole food, there is no tax. And the first 100 callers will receive a 28-page book on Seasilver and a cassette tape of Dr. Friedman on America's unbalanced diet. And please phone if you would have an interest in distributing Seasilver.

Dr. Carolyn Steel: This is Dr. Carolyn Steel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm a family practice doctor and for years I have been looking for a good nutritional product I could recommend to my patients and their families. Well, Seasilver is the answer, easy to take because it's liquid and tastes good, too. My patients all tell me they feel better with Seasilver, more energy and stamina and an increased sense of well-being.

Nevins: That's amazing. And we have just the basic three products, the aloe vera, the colloidal silver, the Pau D'Arco. That, alone, should be enough to make people drink this product. That alone. But the good stuff is yet to come.

Friedman: Oh, yes.

Nevins: The good stuff is yet to come, Doc.

Friedman: The most powerful thing in Seasilver is the sea vegetation.

Nevins: Right.

Friedman: And that's where Seasilver's heart is. The vegetation in Seasilver has tremendous nutritional value for human consumption. Interestingly, our bodies consist of 70% water, not ordinary water, but salt water. When we cry, our tears are salty. We're made out of salt water. The human body contains the same salts that exist in the ocean in almost the exact chemical proportions. Therefore, the nutrients in sea vegetation that's in Seasilver are recognized by our cell receptors and are allowed access into our cells. [When nutrients are ingested into the body, it will use whatever it needs. The source of the nutrients makes no difference.]

Donigan: So, the acceptance by our body is absolutely exceptional.

Friedman: Exceptional because it's what we're made out of. And Seasilver has the world exclusive rights for human consumption on its sea vegetation. Seasilver uses a combination of 10 different sea vegetables. This gives it every vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, amino acid and enzyme known to man in nature's perfect balance. This sea vegetation is harvested from the coldest and purest waters of Iceland and Canada. These two areas are known as the most unchartered and non-polluted ocean water that exists on the earth.

Donigan: Let me ask you this, what if a person's on medication? Do they have to check with their doctor or what?

Friedman: Well, if your doctor tells you it's okay to eat food while you're taking your medication than you can take Seasilver because it's considered a whole food nutrient.

Donigan: Wonderful.

JANE: Barry, what do you have to say about Seasilver?

Nevins: Well, I'm using it with my mother, as a matter of fact, that has diabetes and what are your thoughts about that, the diabetes?

Friedman: Oh, with diabetes, I'll tell you, of all the ailments Seasilver has helped, I would have to put diabetes in the top five. I haven't yet seen any diabetic who has not benefitted from Seasilver. I'll tell you about my father-in-law who was the first diabetic we got on Seasilver. He's been a juvenile diabetic since he was five years old. He's now in his mid-fifties. He has diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy. He has a very hard time seeing.

Anyway, we got him on Seasilver. Three months later he calls my wife in a panic. I think I'm dying, do I need to go to the hospital? Something's seriously wrong. And my wife says to him, why, what's wrong, what's wrong? He said, I tried to give myself an insulin shot and I'm going into insulin shock. He says, I'm off my insulin shots by 80%. He says, I've lost 46 pounds in three months. He says, I'm scared. My wife says, sound to me like you're getting normal. [What the story means is unclear. Losing weight can result in improvement in diabetes and can lessen insulin requirements. Losing 46 pounds in three months -- which is 3.5 pounds a week -- is poentially very dangerous and might reflect a very serious problem.]


Friedman: But realize --

Donigan: Isn't that wonderful?

Friedman: -- to him, this wasn't normal because since he was a five-year-old boy, all he knew was insulin shots. So, to have any decrease in it scared him. He virtually thought something wrong was happening, and he went to his doctor and his doctor was so amazed at this, his medical doctor told him he has never, ever seen a juvenile diabetic drop in their need for insulin like this. Never.

Donigan: Isn't that something?

Friedman: He was absolutely amazed, and he loves the product. He just called the other day to just -- he said, I'm just calling to tell you I love Seasilver.


Nevins: Dr. Friedman, you know I've been working with my mother with the diabetes for quite a while and I've been using the Seasilver product.

Friedman: Right.

Nevins: And this will be a surprise to you. We started about six weeks ago, I think. As of today, my mother is no longer on insulin. Today -- yesterday was the last day she took a needle. Today, she's off completely.

Friedman: Great.

Nevins: And I have nothing to attribute it to other than slight dietary restrictions and Seasilver.

Friedman: That's great.

Nevins: And I waited to take her off today so I could make this announcement with you, so I thought it would be appropriate today for me to announce that.

Donigan: That is incredible.

(Music playing.)

Announcer: One bottle costs $39.95. Save $20 by ordering three for 100. Or for maximum savings, you can order a case of 12 for $300, which is only $25 per bottle. This wholesale price saves about $15 per bottle of Seasilver. Prices include shipping and handling in the continental United States. And because Seasilver is a whole food, there is no tax.

And please phone if you would have an interest in distributing Seasilver.

Leslie Keller: My name is Leslie Keller. I am 27 years old and I've fought against many health challenges in the past three years due to faulty breast implants. On a normal day, my energy was usually gone by lunchtime and I'd have to sleep most of the afternoon. I have now been taking Seasilver for about two months and the difference has been almost unbelievable. I no longer have to take naps during the day, my energy level has skyrocketed. I haven't had a migraine since I've been taking Seasilver. I now take four ounces per day and I would not go a day without it.

Donigan: This is so incredible. I mean, it is just an incredible product. You had mentioned that diabetes was one of the top conditions that this -- we've seen wonderful results with. What are the other top conditions that this --

Friedman: Well, I'll tell you, the results I've seen from cancer patients taking Seasilver is truly the one thing that makes me so excited about this product.

Donigan: Yeah, yeah.

Friedman: The testimonies I've heard from cancer patients are absolutely astonishing. You feel like getting on top of the mountain and just screaming for the world to hear them.

Donigan: Yes.

Friedman: I know 15 people diagnosed with cancer in my hometown. They have all told me they owe their life to Seasilver. The first person I ever got on the product was a man with metastatic lung cancer. That was my first patient I got on the product. He was given six months to live. That was a year ago. And thanks to Seasilver, he's in perfect health. [It would be interesting to know how carefully Friedman has investigated what happened to the 15 people.]

Donigan: Oh, huh.

Friedman: It's unbelievable. How does Seasilver help cancer patients? Well, remember the physician that discovered the cause of cancer, Dr. Warburg, found that it is a lack of oxygen that causes cancer to flourish. Seasilver oxygenates at a cellular level like no other product on the market. As a matter of fact, lab analysis has been conducted on virtually every herbal and liquid nutrient we could find. The highest level found was only 6% oxygen. Seasilver uses the multi-trans unit I told you about. [It is unclear what measurement units are involved in measuring the oxygen content. Regardless, it has nothing to do with effectiveness against cancer.]

Donigan: Yeah.

Friedman: And we're able to achieve a 40% oxygen level per bottle. That's astounding. By increasing the available oxygen, cancer patients are seeing amazing improvements in their health.

Donigan: We're talking to Dr. David Friedman today from North Carolina and we're discussing a wonderful new liquid multivitamin called Seasilver, which is much, much, much, much more than a regular multiple vitamin. So, this is definitely one of the things you can expect when you start taking Seasilver is more energy and everybody wants more energy, right?

Friedman: Ninety-five% of people that take this product will have an increase in energy usually within the first week or two, and this is really beneficial for people that suffer from an ailment called chronic fatigue syndrome. And a lot of authorities actually out there have linked chronic fatigue to the Epstein Barr virus. Well, clinical studies out there have shown that properly processed Pau D'Arco destroys this virus. Also, because of Seasilver's ability to oxygenate the cells, chronic fatigue patients are quickly seeing an increase in their stamina and endurance. And there's a fellow named Dr. Ed McCabe. He authored the book called Oxygen Therapies. He --

Donigan: Oh, Ed McCabe, we've had him on our show.

Friedman: Oh, yeah.

Donigan: He's fantastic.

Friedman: He stated that when oxygen is low, viruses like Epstein Barr can flourish. By oxygenating our bodies, we have the firepower to resist infectious microorganisms and repel disease. So, a lot of chronic fatigue people out there are just loving this product very quickly. It's a very quick response to chronic fatigue because the oxygen is just assimilated so fast. [Neither McCabe nor his theories have any scientific standing or support.]

Donigan: Well, I always wanted a multiple vitamin that I could really enthuse about because everybody wants a multiple -- that's why I was so excited to find this, a multiple vitamin that not only is it a multiple vitamin, but it does so much more for your immune system and for purifying your blood. [I find it odd that Seasilver claims to be a multivitamin but does not state the amounts of nutrients on the label so people can compare them to standard products.]

Friedman: It really does, yeah.

Donigan: I mean, and oxygenating on a cellular level. I mean, this is something totally and completely unique, plus the 98% cellular absorption. I mean, I would think that -- all I can say is wow. And the product tastes wonderful. It has a cranberry juice taste, and there isn't anyone that's going to find any fault with the taste of this product. In fact, it tastes much, much better than regular cranberry juice in my estimation. And so, I think it's going to be a wonderful thing that women will be able to buy this and give it to their husbands, who are resistant to taking vitamins and that really need to do something, and there's going to be no resistance. It's going to break down the barriers of resistance.

Friedman: Exactly. The biggest complaint we do have about Seasilver is that it tastes too good.

Donigan: That's right. People will want to drink the whole bottle.

Friedman: And that people want to drink it like soda pop and just will finish off the bottle.

Donigan: Exactly. That's what I thought. I thought, well, gee, some of these kids are going to come home and sit down and pour themselves an entire glass.

Friedman: Yeah.

Donigan: I mean, you don't really want to do that. You start slowly with this product, right?

Friedman: You start slowly.

Nevins: Dr. Friedman --

Friedman: Um-hum.

JANE: -- I'd like to interrupt a minute here. With these sea vegetables, this should have a powerful effect upon your thyroid gland.

Friedman: Oh, tremendous.

JANE: It helps the thyroid --

Friedman: As a matter of fact, it contains more iodine than kelp for the thyroid, and it really helps patients normalize their weight. And a lot of people that have thyroid problems have a hard time losing weight. [Whether any effects are good, bad, or neither depends on the amount and the condition of the gland. Most Americans will not benefit by increasing their iodine intake.]

Donigan: Oh, you know what, Barry just told us that he's already losing weight now since he's been on the product.

Nevins: Yeah, one week and I've lost three and a half pounds and I can't -- and everybody notices it. It's amazing.

Friedman: Yeah.

Nevins: I could never lose weight.

Friedman: Yeah.

Nevins: I mean, I could never lose weight. We joked about it. I called myself the chubby nutritionist.


Nevins: It's very difficult for me to lose weight.

Donigan: Right.

Friedman: Well, I'll tell you, 65% of Americans are actually considered to be overweight, and because the food on our table is so deficient in nutrients, our stomachs get full but our cells don't get the needed nutrients, and Seasilver gives the cells every nutrient known to man. And once our cells are satisfied, they don't crave as much food and the result is a weight loss. [That's utter nonsense. Most Americans get the nutrients they need from food. Increasing intake of vitamins and minerals has no effect on a person's weight.]

Interestingly, I tell you, a patient came in once and she says, Dr. Friedman, I know I have cancer or AIDS, I'm so scared and none of the doctors are finding anything. I said, what do you mean? She said, she's had two blood tests and no one can find anything. I said, why would you think you have cancer or AIDS? She said she's tried dieting in the past before and she'll lose 10 pounds here, 15 pounds here, but in the last six weeks, she's lost 27 pounds and it scared her to death. She said she's not dieting, she's just losing for no reason. [An unexplained weight loss of 4 pounds a week would be reason for great concern. That would mean that the body is burning up 2000 more calories per day than the person is consuming, which is higly unlikely and in most cases would be unsafe. The most likely explanation for the story is that is isn't true.]


Friedman: I said, wait a minute, did you, by any chance, start taking Seasilver? She said, oh, I've been taking that for two months now. I said, didn't you read in the brochure how it helps normalize your weight? She says, no wonder it feels like I ate a turkey dinner after I take Seasilver.


Donigan: That's wonderful.

Friedman: So, it really is a benefit. I actually saw a nine-pound loss the first probably about four weeks I took Seasilver.

Donigan: Is that right?

Friedman: Yeah. So, it does -- it does normalize your weight. You just don't crave as much food if you're getting it from Seasilver.

Donigan: When you're getting all the nutrition your body really needs --

Friedman: Exactly.

Donigan: -- you're not going to have the cravings.

Friedman: Exactly.

Donigan: How incredible.

JANE: This is such a genius product, it really is, and I think that's exciting because we've looked for this for a long time. Joy and I said if we could only find a multiple that was easy to take.

Friedman: Exactly. You mentioned that it's considered a foundational product. Interestingly, because of Seasilver's synergistic effect, actually, this product increases the potency of other nutrients that you take with it.

JANE: Exactly right.

Friedman: Right. And Seasilver -- actually, Seasilver is considered half the thickness of water and it's quickly assimilated into the cells because it contains all the amino acids. These act as carrier molecules, which bring more nutrients into our cell receptors. Like, for example, there's been a lot written about -- lately about glucosamine sulfate and it's ability to help arthritis.

Donigan: Right.

Friedman: Well, sadly, it only has about a 50% success rate. It does help one out of two. However, taking glucosamine with Seasilver increases the success rate to 80%.

Donigan: Huh.

Nevins: Wow.

Friedman: So, it does increase the potency of other nutrients taken with it.

JANE: Very good.

Friedman: And also, it's important to understand that the absorption rate of Seasilver is so high, you heard that a lot, well, absorb, absorb. Well, actually, Seasilver's been tested using an interfacial tensiometer. This is a device that measures the thickness of fluid. [It measures surface tension, not "thickness." Surface tension is not directly related to absorbability.] For example, regular water measures 80 dynes per centimeter. By using our exclusive computerized multi-trans unit, the surface tension of Seasilver measures an astounding 41 dynes per centimeter. That is one-half the thickness of water. This enables the highest absorption rate known to man. [I don't know whether the 41 dybes-per-centimeter statement is accurate. Many substances added to water can lower its surface tension. However, since water is 100% absorbable, it isn't clear to me how Seasilver could be better absorbed. Furthermore, although vitamins in liquid form may be absorbed a bit faster, they are not usually absorbed more completely and the rate of absorption makes no difference to the body.]

And there are a few copycats out there, Seasilver copycats on the market, but these have all been tested using the same instrumentation and they measure close to 80 to 90 dynes, which is actually getting up there thicker than water, meaning no absorption. [Any such increases in surface tension would not affect absorbability.]

Donigan: Well, what about colloidal minerals? Where do they stand on the (inaudible)?

Friedman: They've been measured 90 dynes because of the clay deposits that they use. So, they're actually thicker than water.

(Music playing.)

Announcer: One bottle costs $39.95. Save $20 by ordering three for 100. Or for maximum savings, you can order a case of 12 for $300, which is only $25 per bottle. This wholesale price saves about $15 per bottle of Seasilver. Prices include shipping and handling in the continental United States. And because Seasilver is a whole food, there is no tax. And the first 100 callers will receive a 28-page book on Seasilver and a cassette tape of Dr. Friedman on America's unbalanced diet.

Remember, Seasilver balances your body chemistry, cleanses your vital organs, purifies your blood and lymphatic system, nourishes your body at the cellular level, oxygenates your body's cells, protects your tissues in cells against toxins and strengthens your immune system. And Seasilver provides your body with every vitamin, mineral, amino acid and enzyme known to man in nature's perfect balance. And there is a 95 to 98% absorption of these nutrients. And please phone if you would have an interest in distributing Seasilver.

Ron: Hi, this is Ron is San Diego, California, and I'm excited to tell you that Seasilver is my miracle. I've had a long history of stomach problems, poor digestion, bloating and acid reflux. I was introduced to Seasilver about three months ago, and after taking this product just four days, all of my stomach problems disappeared. You owe it to yourself, your family and friends to get started on Seasilver today. You'll be glad you did. It's a great product. [How can the caller of Dr. Friedman know whether the man's symptoms improved because o tking seasilver or for another reason?]

Nevins: Dr. Friedman, is there anything else you'd like to talk about? How about some cases that you've dealt with?

Friedman: Yeah, recently I just sent you up some bloodwork of a patient that had --

Nevins: Yeah.

Friedman: -- it was a female patient that had metastatic breast cancer. It spread through the whole lymph system. That's what metastatic means, that it was spreading. And her blood kept getting worse and worse as you saw from the results I sent you --

Nevins: Yes, I did.

Friedman: -- On 9/22/97, her white blood cell, red blood cell, hematocrit and platelets were so low that a physician told her that her prognosis had dropped to poor, and she was declining. Well, on that day, we got her on six ounces of Seasilver for eight days. That's a therapeutic dose because the average healthy person is going to do one or two. She got six ounces a day. Eight days later, she got a new blood work-up. White blood cell, red blood cell, hematocrit and platelet count had normalized and her prognosis was changed to good. [Blood counts can change for several reason.] She did not get sick after chemo that time which was the first since she started chemotherapy. She was actually up and around and had energy and her family couldn't believe it. Usually the day after chemo she slept the whole day and was sick and throwing up. It's remarkable. It just helped the bad side effects of chemo just disappear. [Other factors could be responsible for the change.]

Nevins: That is really a phenomenal story. It's documented, it's real. You know, a lot of people make a lot of claims, Doc, about a lot of things. But with Seasilver, we see it so quickly.

Friedman: Well, the blood doesn't lie.

Nevins: That's it.

Friedman: Like you said, you have to look at the blood analysis and this is the bloodwork that I sent you. I mean, the blood is there. It just doesn't lie. I mean, you can hear stories and hear testimonies from everything, read testimonies. But when you see the blood, it's just wow, it's astonishing. [A blood count might reflect recovery from chemotherapy side effects, but it won't indicate the status of the cancer.]

Donigan: Okay. You know what? We're almost out of time, Dr. Friedman. We thank you for this wonderful, wonderful information on the new Seasilver product. Thank you, Dr. Friedman.

(Music playing.)

Brett Rademacher: Hi, this is Brett Rademacher from Anchorage, Alaska, and I just want to highly encourage you to try Seasilver risk-free. It's an absolutely awesome product. I wouldn't be without it. And it's a great home-based business opportunity as well. [Rademacher is a high-level distributor who the FTC names in its false advertising complaint against Seasilver's owners and Friedman.

Announcer: And the first 100 callers will receive a 28-page book on Seasilver and a cassette tape of Dr. Friedman on America's unbalanced diet. And please phone if you would have an interest in distributing Seasilver. You can only improve your health.

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