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Why Hairogenics Won't Work

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

For $49.95 plus $10 per year, Hairogenics will "deposit and preserve your hair" in a dry, temperature-controlled underground storage facility until science develops a way to duplicate your hair in a way that somehow could cure your baldness. The company also states that the underground storage facility "is buried deep in the Oregon clay the same material cited by archaeologists as the best, natural preservative for human DNA material."

The Hairogenics Web site contains a smattering of information about hair loss, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and "nutrigenomics." It talks for example, about hair transplantation, cloning, gene therapy, and the manipulation of DNA.

Company developer Mike Blaylock states that it is only a mater of time before a biotechnology company finds a waty to duplicate real hair. However, there is no valid reason to believe that stored hair can be duplicated, regenerated, and/or implanted into the donor's scalp.

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This artice was posted on 6/14/02.