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I Said "No" after a Chiropractic Screening Test

Mike Cooney

Several years ago, I had an interesting experience with a chiropractor. I was living in Columbia, Maryland, and there was a community fair near the lake. Many local businesses set up booths to promote their wares, crafts etc. One of the booths was the local chiropractor. In his booth, he had two scales. The idea was that you put one foot on each scale, and the computer would calculate and display the difference in weight on each foot. A perfectly balanced person would display "0," since there would be equal weight on each foot. The chiropractor invited me to try and so I mounted the scales. Not suprisingly, I was out of balance by about 15 pounds. The Dr. looked at me carefully and told me he could see clearly that one shoulder was higher than the other. He asked me if I had any back pain, or ever had trouble getting out of bed. (No, and of course). I stepped off the scales, and we continued to chat a bit. I told him I felt fine and had no symptoms whatsoever. I then told him we shoud repeat the test, and I got back on the scales. This time I was out of balance again, but with the other foot. (I made no attempt to rig the results). Well, he wasn't very happy, and I told him I was very puzzled. I then asked him to get on the contraption. He firmly refused, told me that I had some serious problems that needed attention, suggested I schedule an appointment, and shooed me away from his booth. But at least I got a reminder -- He was giving away twisted, crooked pencils with his clinic name on it. I thought that was highly appropriate.

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This account was posted on January 18, 1998.