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How Braswell & Co. Doctored
Governor Jeb Bush's Article

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

The article below appeared in the July 2000 issue of A. Glenn Braswell's Journal of Longevity accompanied by a picture of Jeb and George W. Bush. When reporters investigated, Jeb's representatives stated that the article they had submitted had been altered. The passages in red show how the original article was altered to become more promotional. It remains questionable, of course, for Jeb to have assisted Braswell in the first place.

Bush -- A Healthy Future for Our Seniors

By Governor Job Bush

With the November elections fast approaching, healthcare is it top priority issue facing candidates and voters. The key reason is our nation's booming senior population. Just look at the amazing numbers. There are almost 3S million Americans today over the age of 65, and that number is expected to double by mid-century. In my own state of Florida, the fourth largest in the nation, there are more than 3.4 million seniors, with 80+ as the fastest growing age group in the state.

I have always paid close attention to the needs of seniors and their impact oil policy reform. My brother, George W., has also maintained a strong focus on these seasoned veterans and their needs. And what need could be more important than health? However, today's health scene bristles with perplexing problems -- inadequate insurance coverage, the soaring cost of prescription drugs, and the many restrictions of managed care.

One of the most important issues that I believe will become even more critical due to this senior boom is integrative medicine. Just what does "integrative medicine" mean? I see it as combining the bat elements of two worlds: the best of conventional medicine, with its lifesaving drugs end surgical procedures, and the best of alternative medicine, with its natural approaches to chronic diseases.

I can see this integration of the two sides of medicine already taking place. Driving the new partnership is the growing demand for therapies and nutrients that are safe and without side effects. According to current figures from the National Institutes of Health, 46% of Americans used alternative therapies in 1997, up from 36% in 1990. Further, a number of healthcare providers have found these therapies very cost-effective. More and more insurance companies are covering acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathic, massage therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and other modalities.

To reinforce the process of change, I would stress the importance of prevention. I advocate preventive measures to maintain wellness, such as regular checkups, screening tests for early detection, public programs to help promote healthy lifestyles, and more effective guidance for dealing with chronic health problem. Prevention also is founded on right nutrition to maintain wellness and avoid disease threreby extending the lifespan. This means our seniors should have access to a full array of nutrients: the vitamins and minerals that tend to become depleted with age as well as the herbs and other natural substances that can relieve chronic disorders.

My brother and I are both concerned with getting better homecare and wellness/prevention programs for senios. The challenge ahead of us is to make sure that everyone has sccess to all health options and to any information, that may improve their chances of a long, healthy life. I believe that ensuring the health of our older population benefits us all, giving an the opportunity to learn from the wisdom and experience they have to offer.

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This article was posted on September 30, 2000.