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Comment from a Chiropractic Nutritionist

June 20, 1998

Mr. Barrett,

You are not a doctor as a doctor is a teacher and you only teach lies. It is amazing how you hide behind the MD degree, when in actuality you are a Physiatrist which is the lowest rung of the medical totem pole. You put children on ridalin and prozac and basically ruin lives. Your profession has one of the highest divorce rates and suicide rates among professionals and isn't it amazing how your patients really never get cured? I know you aren't really going to read this or take it to heart because you really feel right and justified and you feel you are doing a good thing. YOU ARE A TRULY SUPPRESSIVE PERSON, YOU CAN NOT STAND FOR ANYONE TO FEEL GOOD, TO GET HELP, TO GET BETTER OR IMPROVE THEIR SITUATION. YOU FEEL THAT IF OTHERS DO BETTER IT WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL SO IT IS BETTER THEY BE SICK AND HELPLESS AND BE GOOD QUIET PATIENTS WHO TAKE THEIR DRUGS AND SHUT UP. The sad fact is that you are in such a low emotional condition that you can not see it how truly suppressive you are. A person like you can not afford the luxury of introspection, what you would see would scare you. No one needs harm you as you are digging yourself a whole only you will one day have to dig yourself out of either in this life or when you meet your maker (although I would suspect you are an atheist). I hope you get sued for slander and so your lies can not harm anyone else, but after that I hope you find out where you are , who you are, get on the team that really helps people. then I hope you realize what you have done and truly make amends and make up for the damage you have caused and get accepted into the group of people who want to make people better, stronger and healthier. It will be a lot of work but your only other choice is to lead the angry, lying , miserable nightmare that is your life. You can change , I hope you do.

Dr. Stewart Edrich
Seal Beach, California
Chiropractor, 1991 Graduate of Los Angeles Chiropractic College
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Diplomate American Chiropractic Board of Nutrition
Practitioner of various muscle testing techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Nutritional Reflex Analysis, Blood Analysis, and good old fashioned common sense.

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