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Bolan's Clot Retraction Test:
Another Scheme to Sell You Something

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Bolan's Clot Retraction Test (CRT), offered for several years by Australian Biologics Testing Service, of Sydney, Australia, is a screening test that supposedly will "enable you to be truly healthy. According to the company's Web site:

The CRT is a remarkable development of a standard pathology test. Using a video enhanced microscope system, the client is shown changes in the clotting process which can be interpreted to give information of the body's structure and function.

This test was first reported by Dr Bolan in 1942 and is based on extensive research into free radical activity and antioxidant therapy. Free radicals are a common product of many diseases and a potent irritant to the body's cells. Their presence in the blood reflects the body's health status. Are you producing the correct amount of antioxidants?

By examination of the clotting processes in the blood the CRT test indicates the degree of oxidation in the body. It also indicates specific organ function (heart, ovary, prostate etc.) physical and psychological stress, allergies, arthritis, and vitamin, mineral and heavy metal levels.

The slides are stored for comparison at later testing. This is used to monitor progress of disease and/or treatment successes. Rather than waiting months to see if your treatment regime is effective, a simple finger prick test will allow you to quickly judge the efficacy of your treatment plan [1].

This description contains several errors:

A Web site operated by one of the company's clients states that Bolan CRT "examines a drop of dried blood under a Brightfield/phase contrast microscope to inspect the fibrin net" and can measure "gastro-intestinal stress," "lymph stress," and cancer stage progression." Searching with Google, I found the Web sites of a few practitioners who offered to have the test performed. But the number may soon shrink to zero because the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has charged Australian Biologics with making false and misleading claims for the test [3]. A hearing on the charges is scheduled for July 17. Meanwhile, the company's Web site has been removed.


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This article was revised on July 1, 2003.