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Dictionary of Metaphysical Healthcare

Unnaturalistic Methods: L

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Lama Yoga: Form of kundalini yoga advanced by Astara, Inc. (see "Astara's healing science"), for: "attunement" to the "etheric part" of oneself, expansion of consciousness, personal healing, and "psychic unfoldment."
Lane System of 3-dimensional bioenergy analysis and nutritional healing (Lane System of bioenergy analysis and nutrition; Lane System of multilayer bioenergy analysis and nutrition; Lane System of multilayer bioenergy analysis and nutritional healing; 3-dimensional bioenergy analysis): Variation of the Lepore technique concocted by massage therapist and "bioenergy consultant" Robert J. Lane, L.M.T., who holds a B.A. degree in psychology. It includes advanced dowsing, homeopathy, and 3-dimensional chi analysis.
laserpuncture: Technique characterized by the application of a laser beam to acupoints.
Laura Norman method (Laura Norman Method of Reflexology, Laura Norman Reflexology): Form of reflexology taught at the Laura Norman & Associates Reflexology Center, in Manhattan (New York City). It includes Foot Reflexology and hand reflexology. Laura Norman, M.S., is the author of Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology (Simon & Schuster).
L'Chaim Yoga: Variation of hatha yoga taught by Kay Abrahams, of New York City. It involves "guided relaxation," Hebrew prayer, and makko-ho.
led meditation: Form of group meditation wherein someone (a) describes the process of relaxation and (b) outlines a situation that supposedly may conduce to the readiness of the meditators to meet their "inner guides," receive "higher wisdom," or find an answer to a question of immediate concern.
lemonade diet (lemon cleansing, master cleanser): One of the three major components of a theistic system of self-healing developed by Stanley Burroughs and expounded by him in Healing for the Age of Enlightenment (1976). Lemon cleansing is a mono-diet variation wherein one ingests daily, for ten to 40 or more days, nothing except 60 to 120 ounces of a drink that consists of lemon (or lime) juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper (red pepper), and water. Its main premise is that lemons and ripe limes have unique "anionic properties" to create the "energy" necessary for health maintenance. Another of its premises is that "Nature" creates infections to assist in "burning" one's "surplus wastes."
Lepore technique (LePore technique): Variation of applied kinesiology developed by "nutritional research pioneer" Donald J. Lepore, N.D., D.N., N.M.D. It includes cell salt therapy, glandular therapy, the Lepore Technique of M.R.T., and a variation of Bach flower therapy. Its theory posits acupoints, God, and a "Crown Chakra" -- an entrance for "divine revelation."
Lepore Technique of M.R.T.: Form of muscle testing ("Muscle Response Test" technique) that is the centerpiece of the Lepore technique. Its alleged design is to pinpoint allergens ("metabolic antagonists"), "measure" their "nutritional" neutralizers (e.g., herbs and homeopathic "remedies"), and "measure" nutrients that conduce to absorption of the neutralizers. The Lepore Technique of M.R.T. involves: (a) rubbing the thymus, purportedly to activate acupoints; and (b) rubbing "the mastoid gland behind both ears," purportedly to relax acupoints. The practitioner may perform it for a sleeping child or an invalid (even a comatose person) through a surrogate standing near the subject.
LeShan psychic training: Supposed means of promoting the alleged faculty for psychic healing through attainment of an altered state of consciousness.
Lesser Kan & Li (Sexual Alchemy): Form of meditation whose theory posits chi, "core energy channels," "higher energy bodies," and "internal" male and female "sexual energies" (which supposedly are mixable in "self-intercourse").
Lifebalance (Lifebalance Process): "Holistic" method developed by clinical hypnotherapist Melissa Zwanger, M.A., M.B.A. Its theory posits feminine and masculine "energies" (yin and yang).
Life Care Kinesiology (Life Care): Offshoot of applied kinesiology put together by Dr. Richard Beale. It borrows from acupuncture and Touch for Health and includes "chakra meditation."
life energy analysis: Technique developed by psychiatrist John Diamond, M.D., author of several books (see "behavioral kinesiology"). Its theory posits a correlation: (a) of acupuncture meridians and emotional states, (b) of acupoints and "particular aspects" of these states, and (c) of the aforementioned aspects and specific affirmations, bodily movements, nutrients, and tunes. Diamond has postulated that some melodies enhance the "life energy" of listeners.
life force balancing: Combination of the laying on of hands, psychic healing, psychological "adjustments," and spiritual counseling, developed by Barbara West. It involves a "healing science" called "intercellular regeneration."
Life Impressions Bodywork: "Healing process" developed by Donald Van Howten (Ravi Dos). It includes "cranial membrane treatment" (probably Cranio-Sacral work) and "pulse work" and borrows from Ayurveda and Hakomi. Its premises include the following. (a) Humans are spirits. (b) Bodily tissues accumulate "history." (c) This "imprint" of experiences becomes "outdated." (d) Updating "idea imprinted" tissues (the method's purported intention) releases "bound beliefs" and "energy."
Lifeline: Derivative of Hemi-Sync. Its theory posits an afterlife and "healing dolphin energy."
life span nutrition (Limbic Eating): Dietetic philosophy formulated by author Majid Ali, M.D., who depicts enzymes as the "life force" of "foods in Nature." Life span nutrition encompasses autoregulation.
Light Body Activation: Apparently, a purported means of (a) speeding the development of "energetic" and psychic "structures" inside and outside the body and (b) gaining access thereby to one's "cellular information system."
Light Ray rejuvenation system (Light Ray, Light Ray system): Form of facial that allegedly affects "the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body." It involves application of an electric current to facial muscles, purportedly at the "EARTH frequency." This allegedly is the frequency of psychics and healers.
Light Touch Energy Healing: Method that purportedly focuses on: balancing bodily "energy," releasing "cellular memory," and identifying "energy patterns" that limit happiness.
Light Work: Form of aura balancing whose theory posits a "Higher Self," "spiritual guides," and healthful "Universal Principles" that "live" within each human.
Living Energy Training: Instruction that includes "Living Energy Attunements." "Living Energy" is the alleged animator of all earthly life.
Living Foods Lifestyle® (Hippocrates Diet): Dietetic variation of self-healing originated by Ann Wigmore (1904-1994). It is the centerpiece of the Hippocrates health program. The Hippocrates Diet comprises seven categories of uncooked ("living") foods: (1) specific fruits; (2) specific vegetables; (3) fresh juices extracted from fruits, vegetables, and sprouts; (4) specific sprouts; (5) nuts and seeds; (6) fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso; and (7) unfiltered honey. In The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program (1984), Wigmore stated that "life energy" is the "active agent" of enzymes and claimed that the diet "stops unnecessary wastage of enzyme energy."
Living Health life-style: Apparently, a long-term variation of the Living Health program.
Living Health program: Apparently, the two-week program expounded and recommended by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond in Fit for Life II: Living Health (Warner Books, 1987). Therein, Marilyn Diamond stated: "We tend to ignore our breathing, to act as if we are separate from it. Yet, our breath is us; it is our life force." The program's philosophy posits an "inner voice" in everyone that knows what is right.
Living Whole: Program advanced by Rev. Robin Lechner. Its purported design is to establish health, feelings of well-being, and physical, mental, and spiritual "balance." The program embraces breathwork, meditation, Reiki, and yoga.
Living Yoga Training (LYT, LYT program, Living Yoga Training program): Residential form of Integral Yoga. One of its purported effects is the "falling away" of "negative habits."
local healing: "Biofield healing that uses the practitioner's hands on the subject's body," according to Alternative Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizons (the so-called Chantilly Report), released by the National Institutes of Health in March 1995. The report defines "biofield" as "a massless field" that: (a) is not necessarily electromagnetic, (b) surrounds and permeates living bodies, (c) affects the body, and (d) possibly is related to qi (chi).
Lok Hop Ba Fa: Group of movements purportedly usable for self-defense and for massaging organs with chi. Chen Bok, a Taoist priest, invented the system in China over a thousand years ago.
lomi-lomi (Ancient Hawai'ian Bodywork, Lomi Lomi Nui): "Prayerful" type of massage practiced by kahunas (Hawaiian witch doctors). It includes the laying on of hands; its theory posits mana, an alleged supernatural force; and one of its purported purposes is to let a person's spirit be "more fully pre sent."
Lomi work (Lomi approach): System of bodywork cofounded by aikidoist Richard Strozzi Heckler, Ph.D. It purportedly is "a unique blend of contemplative disciplines and the embodiment of right action." Lomi work encompasses meditation and, supposedly, the use of "energy" in the context of healing.
LooyenWork®: Approach to "body therapy" that involves "body reading" and "movement re-education" and allegedly can increase the "flow" of clients' "energy." "Body reading" purportedly is a sophisticated form of observation that enables practitioners to reach the root of the client's problem.
love-powered diet: "Revolutionary" system concocted by Victoria Moran and based on the Twelve Steps. In The Love-Powered Diet: When Willpower Is Not Enough (1992), Moran uses the terms God, Goddess, Higher Power, Higher Self, Love, Nature, and Spirit interchangeably. The first principles of her system add up to: People with eating-related problems (e.g., bingeing) cannot resolve them on their own; with their permission, however, a "Higher Power" will "work some wonders" in their lives. Moran advises writing, praying, and talking casually to God and provides anthroposophical, Christian, Hindu, Native American, and Sikh prayers.
Lung Ta: Purportedly ancient shamanic tradition of the Nam Chuks, a Tibetan tribe. It apparently involves using the "basic archetypes" of "healing deities" to augment the process of healing.
Lymphasizing (The Art of Lymphatic System Activation, The Art of Lymphasizing, The Fine Art of Lymphasizing, The Science of Lymphasizing): "Healing system" apparently originated by chemist and lymphologist Dr. C. Samuel West, author of The Golden Seven Plus One. According to the system's theory, the human body is essentially a confluence of electrical fields, and health, strength, and endurance depend on the "structural in tegrity" of the "energy currents" that run through it. Advocates of Lymphasizing include clairvoyant naturopath William J. "Walks Sacred" Martin, of Detroit, Michigan, and acupuncturist Philip L. Gruber, a teacher of "Sacred Geometrical Healing."


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