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Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Nutripuncture is a bizarre "treatment" system in which homeopathic nutrient pills are said to work like acupuncture needles. According to the newsletter of the Hippocrates Health Institute, of West Palm Beach, Florida:

Nutripuncture works like acupuncture. Instead, it uses nutrients which are small tablets incorporated with a homeopathic dilution, having an immediate action on a cellular levels of the organs. It restores the information and the function of the organs and emotional blockages.

These nutrients were engineered in France and have been sold over the counter in French Pharmacies since 1985 and now they are sold throughout the world.

Nutripuncture appears to be an extremely efficient way to restore the vital currents of the body (called Meridians in Acupuncture). This was accomplished through intensive research that clearly linked emotional behavior and physical health. The link between behavior issues and health is now proven and is demonstrated easily [1].

The Web site of the Biosphere International Foundation (a French company) provides additional details. The site lists 38 nutrient products 38 organs, 38 symptoms, and 38 psychological states. The listed items are numbered which enables the practitioner to know which product should be used for which organ, symptom, or psychological state. Each pill is said to be made of neutralized lactose (75%), sorbitol (25%), and Magnesium stearate (2%) impregnated with high-dilution trace elements (0.0000000001 gram).In addition, the system uses "Nutri Yin + Nutri Yang," which the site describes as a "general cellular nutrition regulator (GCNR) . . . . made up of two products which always have to be taken together to provide a general balance both for men and women. . . . The GCNR . . . increases the action of the nutrients which are associated to it." [2] The numbered products are then taken is sequences of 5 nutrients "in a precise order" said to be "comparable . . . to an acupuncture sequence when the therapist is using five needles in a specific order." The sequences are said to be related to the "identity" of an organ or with its function [3].

Judging from these writings, Nutripuncture is a system in which insignificant amounts of nutrients are swallowed to influence an imaginary body electrical system to "balance" imaginary body forces that supposedly are related to organ dysfunctions. It might be interesting to determine who is more deluded, the practitioners who offer them or the patients who use them.


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