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Chemical Sensitivity:
The Truth about Environmental Illness

Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Ronald E. Gots, M.D., Ph.D.

Many Americans believe that exposure to common foods and chemicals makes them ill. This book is about people who hold such beliefs but are wrong. Their misbeliefs can be very costly-to health and/or pocketbook-not only for them, but for employers, insurance companies, and others who pay indirectly. Ironically, these accusations are being made at a time when our food supply is the world's safest and our antipollution program is the best we have ever had.

This 220-page book spotlights the "environmental" conditions for which diet and/or chemical exposure are falsely blamed:

Many recipients of these diagnoses wind up being financially exploited as well as mistreated. In addition, insurance companies, employers, educational facilities, homeowners, other taxpayers, and ultimately all citizens are being burdened by dubious claims for disability and damages.

Book Review by David Bloomberg
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