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Top Actions Congress Can Take
to Promote the Nation's Health

News Release, March 24, 2000

The Partnership for Prevention, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, has identified nine national policies with the greatest potential to prevent the most disease, injury, and premature death among Americans. If Congress were to enact these nine policies, a minimum of 160,000 premature deaths would be prevented each year, or twice the number of people who die each year from breast cancer and motor vehicle injuries combined:

These policy recommendations were in response to a request from the Congressional Prevention Coalition (CPC), a bipartisan and bicameral group of 60 lawmakers dedicated to preventing disease and promoting health. The CPC asked Partnership to identify the national policies with the greatest potential to prevent the most disease and injury. Partnership interviewed dozens of experts, searched the public health literature for evidence of policy effectiveness, and built a catalog of over 200 policy options. An advisory committee drawn from Partnership's board of directors then narrowed the list to the nine highest-impact polices.

Partnership for Prevention is a national membership association committed to increasing resources for and knowledge about effective disease prevention and health promotion policies and practices. Its membership includes leading groups in health, business and industry, professional and trade associations, and many state health departments.

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