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The International Association of
Therapeutic Specialists (I.A.T.S)


Maintaining professional membership and registration with the International International Association of Therapeutic Specialists (I.A.T.S), of Grand Rapids, Michigan, are simple. Just submit a simple application with $65 for the first year and pay $50 per year after that. The I.A.T.S. Web site states:

The mission of this highly respected association is to promote cross-communication between healing professionals relating ideas, techniques and methods (both holistic and mainstream) to enhance each other's knowledge, skills and overall earning potential.

As a Registered Therapeutic Specialist, you will become part of a distinguished group of therapeutic practitioners, renowned leaders, authors and teachers in the fields of medicine, psychology, counseling, and other health related modalities. Plus, you will be setting yourself apart from the competition by elevating your professional status to it's highest level and reassuring your clients, while enjoying the prestige of having our impressive registration certificate on your office wall [1].

The application states: "Membership acceptance requires a background of education and experience which indicates knowledge and competence in working with people in a therapeutic capacity." Members receive a registration certificate, links to ttheir own Web page and email address, a listing in I.A.T.S.'s online directory, and the privilege of posting articles on the I.A.T.S. members' page. An Infoseek search on December 24, 1998 found several I.A.T.S. members online [A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H].

The certificate states that the holder is has registered as a "Registered Therapeutic Specialist in the field(s) listed on the certificate. Applicants are free to designate any two "specialties" they wish.

A Consumer Reports editor who sent for an application received one offering the first year free. Having successfully dieted 20 years previously ago and having advised her husband about sleep, she asked to be registered as a specialist in "weight loss and insomnia." I.A.T.S. asked no questions and issued the certificate [2].


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