Some Notes on Lab Dom AVMM

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

According to its Web site, Laboratories Dom AVMM (Suisse) Inc has been formulating, researching, and manufacturing of Swiss cell therapy, organotherapy, thymus, and placental products since 1987 [1]. In 2011, its home page described the company, headquartered in Geneva, as "the world's largest manufacturer" of these products. The site further claimed:

The founders of Lab Dom AVMM Suisse, all of whom are fervent believers of Swiss cellular therapy and its therapeutic wonders, have endeavoured to invent anti-ageing, cosmeceutical and medical cell therapy solutions that are accessible to people all around the world. With prior expertise and knowledge in cell therapy themselves, the founders of Lab Dom gathered a team of the world's best scientists, chemists, cell therapists, biotechnologists and physicians, and thereafter established a research center with world-class facilities in Switzerland. Many of the research scientists acquisited by Lab Dom are pioneers in their own fields, including experts on placental products from former world-renowned brand Lucchini, and cell therapists with varying degree of tutelage by the founding fathers of cell therapy, Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans and Prof. Dr. Franz Schmid [2].

Cellular therapy (also called cell therapy and organotherapy) is based on the notion that the specific organs can be treated by implanting cells or tissues sourced from the corresponding organs from other sources. Niehans, a Swiss physician who developed the "modern" version, is often referred to as "the father of cellular therapy." However, under ordinary circumstances, cells from the organs of one species cannot replace the cells from the organs of other species. When taken by mouth, animal cells are digested and are not absorbed intact into the body. When foreign proteins are injected, the immune system attacks them. In addition, injections of animal cells can spread viral disease and trigger severe allergic reactions. In 1984, the FDA banned importation into the United States of cellular powders and extracts intended for injection [3].

LAB Dom AVVM described placental therapy as a form of cell therapy and claims that, when introduced into humans internally, the placenta can reinforce deteriorating cells, restore youth and vitality, boost the immune system, regulate hormonal imbalances, and improve mental alertness, stamina, vision. The company further states that its placental products have been sold in 65 countries [4]. The major distributor of placental therapy products appears to be appears to be MFIII of Switzerland, which is promoted by OneRom Group, Inc. from an office in New York City. The OneRom/MFIII Web site offered "Sheep Placenta Capsules" priced at $194.95 for a bottle of 30.

For several years, Lab Dom claimed to own the Swiss-based Paracelsus Klinik, which offers a large assortment of nonstandard treatments. However, Paracelsus representatives say this is not true and have ordered Lab Dom to stop making that representation [5].

On May 21, 2011, I posted a longer version of this article that included criticism of one of the company's consultants. On May 30, the company informed me that the consultant had been removed from its expert panel.

In May 2012, the FDA stopped a shipment from Singapore-based Laboratories Dom Avmm Suisse Pte from entering the United States. The FDA's report states that the product—classified as a "vitamin, mineral, proteins and unconventional dietary specialties" product—was improperly labeled [6]. In May 2013, the FDA stopped a shipment from Malaysia [7].

In a 2015 news release, the company (now spelled LABDOM) stated:

I am proud to officially announce the successful acquisition of Lab Dom AVMM (ASIA) Sdn. Bhd's (LABDOM) operations and LABDOM's distinguished brands, namely MFIII of Switzerland, LAB RMS, Swiss Cell, etc. for all nutritional supplements, aesthetic skincare and Biomedical devices, by Geoffrey Allan Holdings Inc. (GAH). These brands will now be licensed and managed by GAH's wholly-owned subsidiary Nexgen Biopharma Ltd. (NEXGEN) with NEXGEN's research division acquiring the IPs, trademarks and know-how from LABDOM Suisse Inc. On another note, the therapeutic range of products has been acquired by SBI Ltd.

To elaborate further, NEXGEN has also absorbed skilled Lab Dom AVMM (ASIA) Sdn. Bhd's employees via its wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary NXG Shared Services Sdn. Bhd. based in Kota Kinabalu, effective 1st March 2015. All operations for the above specified product range will be managed under the existing team, from the same location [8].


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This article was revised on April 28, 2016.

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