Nonrecommended Periodicals

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

I consider these publications untrustworthy because they promote misinformation, espouse unscientific theories, contain unsubstantiated advice, are insufficiently skeptical, and/or fail to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of advice. Some are no longer published. The magazines and journals marked with an asterisk (*) have carried ads for questionable potions, services, books, and/or publications. Few newsletters carry ads for products. Those marked with a double asterisk (**) have been accompanied by questionable solicitations.

Magazines, Fundamentally Flawed

Magazines and Newsletters That Are Excellent Except for Too Many Poorly Reasoneds
     Articles on "Complementary" and/or "Alternative" Medicine

Journals (Fundamentally Flawed)

Journals, Excellent Except for Too Many Poorly Reasoned Articles
     on "Complementary" and/or "Alternative" Medicine

Printed Newsletters

Electronic Newsletters


Online Publications

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