The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine
and Aberrant Medical Practices

This is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to objectively analyzing the claims of "altermative medicine." Its purpose is to apply the best tools of science and reason to determine whether hypotheses are valid and treatments are effective. It will reject no claims because it fits, or fails to fit, some paradigm. It will simply seek justified answers to two questions: "Is it true?" and "Does this treatment work?" Its publication has been endorsed by the Council for Scientific Medicine, a panel that includes 50 prominent physicians and scientists and five Nobel prizewinners.
Other publications that focus on unconventional therapies merely advocate them and rarely assess them objectively. Published twice yearly, this journal will include:
  • Critiques of published studies
  • Evaluations of evidence for claims
  • Commentary on methods and principles of valid research.
  • Reports of original research
  • Book reviews

Publisher: Paul Kurtz
Editor in Chief: Wallace I. Sampson, MD, FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Stanford University
Managing Editor: Meghann French
Science Editor: Saul Green, PhD
Associate Editors: Barry Beyerstein, PhD, Timothy Gorski, MD, Steven Novella, MD
Senior Editor: Michael K. Botts, Esq.

Contributing Editors:

General Medicine
Kimball Atwood, MD, Boston, MA
Robert S. Baratz, MD, DDS, PhD, Boston, MA
Stephen Basser, MD, Australia
Willem Betz, MD, Brussels, Belgium
Faith Fitzgerald, MD, Davis, CA
Richard Gordon, MD, Australia
Melvin Kirschner, MD, MPH, Los Angeles, CA
Robert M. Kohn, MD, Amherst, NY
Maurie Markman, MD, Cleveland, OH
Gary Posner, MD, Tampa, FL
Abba Terr, MD, San Francisco
George Ulett, MD, PhD, St. Louis, MO
Gerald Weissmann, MD, New York, NY

Ann Coulston, PhD, RD, Palo Alto, CA
Judi Morrill, PhD, RD, Menlo Park, CA
Jack Raso, MS, RD, New York, NY
Nancy Tullis, RD, Louisville, KY

James Alcock, PhD, Toronto, Ontario
Peter Barglow, MD, Davis, CA
Barry Beyerstein, PhD, Burnaby, British Columbia
Ray Hyman, PhD, Eugene, OR
Loren Pankratz, PhD, Portland, OR
Sally Satel, MD, Washington, DC

Dónal P. O'Mathúna, PhD, PhD, Columbus, OH
Donald Pinkel, MD, San Antonio, TX
Lawrence Schneiderman, AM, San Diego, CA

Arthur Kornberg, MD, Palo Alto, CA
Elie Shneour, MD, San Diego, CA
Rosemary Szostak, PhD, Atlanta, GA
Thomas Wheeler, PhD, Louisville, KY
William Bennetta, PhD, Petaluma, CA
James A. Lowell, PhD Tucson, AZ
Davis Schafer, PhD, New Haven, CT
Gregory Smith, Calgary, Alberta

Physics, Mathematics, Statistics
Jean Mielczarek, PhD, Fairfax, VA
Marvin Minsky, PhD, Boston, MA
Jan Willem Nienhuys, PhD, Eithoven, Netherlands
Robert Park, PhD Washington, DC
Victor Stenger, PhD, Honolulu, HI

Robert Dorr, PhD, Tucson, AZ
Arthur Grollman, MD, Stony Brook, NY
Veijo Saano, MD, Kuopio, Finland
Lynn Willis, PhD, Indianapolis, IN

Stephen Barrett, MD, Allentown, PA
Richard Gordon, MD, Australia
Rebecca Long, Atlanta, GA
Beta Scheiber, MBS, Boulder, CO

Vern L. Bullough, PhD, RN, Northridge, CA
Jan Eisler, RN, St. Petersburg, FL
Robert Glickman, RN, Philadelphia, PA

Public Health
William T. Jarvis, PhD, Loma Linda, CA
William London, EdD, MPH, Pacific Palisades, CA

Veterinary Medicine
Robert Imrie, DVM, Seattle, WA
David Ramey, DVM, Glendale, CA


Winter 2001 (Volume 5, Number 1)

Fall/Winter 2000 (Volume 4, Number 2)

Spring/Summer 2000 (Volume 4, Number 1)

Fall/Winter 1999 (Volume 3, Number 2)

Spring/Summer 1999 (Volume 3, Number 1)

Fall/Winter 1998 (Volume 2, Number 2):

Spring/Summer 1998 (Volume 2, Number 1):

Fall/Winter 1997 (Volume 1, Number 1):


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