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The Quackwatch Link Patrol
Volunteers Needed

We would like to ensure that our links to other sites remain valid. We would also like to help our visitors find additional science-based information related to the topics we cover. Please contact us if you would like to spend an hour or more on any of the following:

Links from our links pages.
Two people are needed to check once a month to be sure that the sites to which we link have not changed their URL. Our three main links pages are:

Links from within articles
Many of our articles contain links to other sites that provide supplementary information. We need several people to compile a list of these links. Once this is done, we will need several people to check them periodically.

Links to journal abstracts
The National Library of Medicine's PubMed site provides free MEDLINE searches with a special feature that provides abstracts of journal articles plus links to related articles. As of May 15, 1998, all new articles posted to Quackwatch will contain direct links to their journal citations. We need several people to help us compile the PubMed ID numbers (PMIDs) of previously posted citations, which can be obtained in three steps:

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