Some Notes on Florence Comite, M.D.

Stephen Barrett, MD

In February 2003, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) announced that it was assembling a committee to identify major scientific and policy issues in "complementary and alternative medicine" ("CAM") research, regulation, training, credentialing and "integration with conventional medicine." As part of this process, it posted the names of 15 appointees and asked for public comment about their suitability. Here are IOM's biographical sketch of Dr. Comite and the comments I submitted. Despite her obvious embrace of pseudoscientific methods, she was retained on the proposed committee.

IOM Description (February 2003): Florence Comite, an Associate Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine, has been involved in developing new therapies for osteoporosis, endometriosis, fibroid disease, and infertility. Dr. Comite has been a leader in women's health for over 15 years. Founding Women's Health at Yale in 1988, Dr. Comite has long pioneered integrated approaches to health care delivery. The culmination of this work is an innovative model of health care, DestinationsHealth, which appears to have wide-scale benefits for women and men alike. She is also interested in exploring how delivery systems impact health outcomes and has focused on this problem as a Senior Clinical and Research Advisor to the Offices of Alternative Medicine (OAM) at NIH.

My Comments (Posted on February 23, 2003)

Overview of IOM "CAM" Committee

This article was revised on January 15, 2005.

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