License Revocation of Rebecca Carley, M.D.

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

In 2003, the New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct (BPMC) found Rebecca Lee Roczen, M.D. (a/k/a Rebecca Lee Carley, M.D) guilty of "practicing while impaired by a mental disability" and "having a psychiatric condition which impaired her ability to practice medicine." Her medical license of was suspended for five years with a provision that her ability to practice could be restored after one year if she sought psychiatric treatment and the psychiatrist recommended that she be considered fit to practice again. In 2004, however, the state's Administrative Review Board for Professional Conduct (ARB) concluded that her thinking was so rigid that the only way to protect the public would be to revoke her license [2]

Background History

BPMC documents state that Dr. Carley obtained her medical degree in 1987 from SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn, New York and then took four years of general surgical training but left before completing the residency program. She then enrolled in a physical medicine/rehabilitation residency program, which she left only two months. In addition, the BPMC notes, she "worked in a number of hospital-related positions, all of which she ultimately left because of general dissatisfaction with the staff and/or working conditions." [1] Dr. Carley's Web site states that from 1994 through 1998 she "researched innovative uses of homeopathic and other natural therapies that treat dis-ease at the causal level, rather than covering up symptoms (like the allopathic band aids) while entering motherhood," and from 1998-99, she "developed Hippokrates Systems to detox vaccinations and other toxins on an individual basis in each patient and restore immune system malfunction due to various assaults." [3] The site also states that "The Hippocrates Protocol heals the immune system, it can be used to improve any auto immune disease. Such as: autism, PDD, Asperger's syndrome, Tourette's syndrome, leaky gut syndrome, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, minimal brain dysfunction, lupus, cancer, asthma, allergies, arthritis, and all other vaccine induced diseases." [3] Previous versions of he home page have stated tht she speecializes in "energy medicine" and in "vaccine-induced diseases (VIDS)." Her "protocol" includes homeopathic products, colloidal silver, and other nonstandard substances.

Reasons for the Suspension

The BPMC decision was based on proceedings that included ten days of hearings held between July 2002 and January 2003. The key testimony appears to be that of Zev Labins, a board-certified psychiatrist who interviewed Carley three times and concluded that she was delusional. As the BPMC documents note:

Dr. Labins found the Respondent to have a delusional disorder with the presence of narcissistic and borderline personality traits. He testified that she has delusions of persecution and grandiosity and that she believes that she is being persecuted because she is special. . . .

Dr. Labins also testified that the Respondent believes that her husband sodomized their son as part of a satanic ritual because she does not vaccinate and because she cures children with autism. Dr. Labins stated that the Respondent believes that her husband was fulfilling the government's role in performing anal penetration on their child and that this penetration sends a surge of energy to the child's brain resulting in the compartmentalization of the brain. Dr. Labins also stated that the Respondent believes that the government is interested in pursuing all persons who are opposed to vaccinating children, which is part of a global government plot in collusion with the drug industry. Finally, Dr. Labins testified that the Respondent was unable to consider any other basis for what she alleged happened to her child. . . .

A delusional disorder occurs when someone has a fixed false belief without any other apparent symptoms that would otherwise be present in other illnesses, and, characteristically, the person's behavior does not appear odd or bizarre in any way other than in those behaviors that are derivative of the delusion. . . .

The Respondent has both delusions of persecution and delusions of grandiosity, i.e., the Respondent believes that she is being persecuted because she has a special ability to heal autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cancer and other autoimmune disorders. . . .

The Respondent refers to herself as "Ghandi with breasts" as well as having been stripped to the bone and being able to save the world. The Respondent has a sense of knowing something that other people do not know. There is a messianic theme to her delusional system. . . . The Respondent has even compared herself to Joan of Arc. . . .

The Respondent believes that the Nassau County Department of Social Services, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct ["OPMC"], the judiciary, the pharmaceutical industry, and the legislature, are all colluding to persecute her as a result of her practice of alternative medicine. [1]

The BPMC's Hearing Committee concluded:

The Respondent's delusions interfere with her practice of medicine because inherent to her delusions is a rigidity of thinking which involves the need to integrate all information into her preformed belief system. This need is intrinsically incompatible with the safe and effective practice of medicine because medicine involves being able to continuously reevaluate an initial diagnosis and consider differential diagnoses. The process of diagnosis requires the suspension of conclusions pending the accumulation of data. The Respondent believes that she already knows the answers before she begins to gather data. The Respondent believes that she is right, that she has special knowledge, and that her purpose on earth is to save others. . . .

Derivative of the Respondent's sense that she has special knowledge and that she is right is the notion that rules do not apply to her. This notion, at times, impairs her ability to maintain appropriate therapeutic boundaries in the physician-patient relationship. . . .

Finally, the Respondent has a continuous persistent impairment, which, in itself, is sufficient to render her unsafe to practice medicine [1].

The BPMC suspended Carley's license for five years and ordered her seek further psychiatric evaluation and begin treatment within approximately 90 days. It added that if, after a year of therapy, the treating psychiatrist advised the board that Carley was fit to resume practice, the suspension couyld be lifted for her to practice under the supervision of another physician.

One week after this ruling, Carley announced in a widely disseminated e-mail message that she would "now be a wholistic practitioner doing iridology and counseling patients on detoxification techniques available over the counter" and indicated that she would no longer be able to write medical exemptions for families who do not want to immunize their children [4]. A few weeks later, I noticed that her Web site stated:

Even though Dr. Carley can no longer write medical exemptions she is still doing what she has always done. Teaching people how to detox themselves and reverse their illnesses. To arrange a consultation contact Dr. Carley. . . .

In order to regain the privilege of "practicing medicine" because Dr. Carley has developed the Hippocrates Protocol, which uses only natural substances and has successfully treated autoimmune diseases such as autism, asthma, allergies, eczema, as well as cancer. The DOH website regarding treatments for autism suppresses the inoculation etiology of this debilitating vaccine-induced brain injury; and fraudulently states, "ABA is the only intervention recommended. Interventions reviewed and NOT RECOMMENDED include, vitamin therapies..." in order to cover-up their misconduct in not properly researching the true side effects of these genocidal weapons of mass destruction being injected into God's people as per order of the DOH masons under color of law (in league with the Department of Defense masons) under Title 50 of the US Code, Chapter 32, § 1520 & 24.

Please be advised that Dr. Carley is now teaching natural detoxification as an unlicensed medical doctor and will no longer be able to write medical exemptions to prevent the masons in the DOH from inoculating your child with disease. Dr. Carley is now a teacher who teaches her students how she would detoxify herself if she had your history of immune assaulters. Thus, to prevent Dr. Carley from being entrapped by agents of the state who now visit Dr. Carley disguised as persons with a conscience for purposes of incarcerating Dr. Carley for "practicing medicine without a license", Dr. Carley's legal advisor has written an agreement contract which must now be signed by Dr. Carley's students to keep Dr. Carley out of jail for the crime of exposing the Masonic takeover of the medical (and all other) professions. Of course, Dr. Carley advises you to go to a licensed medical doctor before you decide what to do in your individual case [6].

Since that time, Carley's Web site has located her in Florida and then North Carolina. She is not licensed in either state, but her Web site states that she does consultations:

Dr Carley has clients (both people and pets) all over the world, and does not need to see you in person! Tour protocol teaching you how to reverse your autoimmune disease or cancer is created based on your individual history [7].


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This article was revised on September 26, 2008.

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