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Psychologist Roger H. Fisher
Will Surrender License

Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Roger H. Fisher, Ph.D., a psychologist who provided expert testimony in many child custody cases, will surrender his license effective February 28, 2003 [1]. The license surrender is deemed to be a permanent revocation based on grounds of "competence;
negligence; impaired objectivity and dual relationships." [2]

In June 2002, Fisher entered a consent agreement with the Ohio Board of Psychology to restrict his practice [3]. Under Ohio law, psychologists involved in custody cases can only testify about parents they examine and should not offer opinions about who is the best parent. According to a report by WLWT Eyewitness News, the board had received many angry complaints about Dr. Fisher [4].

The Board's action was triggered by a complaint by the mother of a 5-year, 9-month-old boy whom Dr. Fisher had seen once at the behest of the child's father. The consent agreement notes that Fisher sent the father's attorney a report that was intended for use in pending litigation. The report questioned the mother's parenting ability by remarking on her psychological stability, "personality changes," "mood swings," allegedly bizarre behavior, and emotional capacity to be a positive parent in a divorced family. In the consent agreement, Fisher:


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This article was revised on December 17, 2002.