Doctor's Data vs. Barrett Lawsuit Settled Amicably

Joint News Release
July 18, 2017

The libel suit filed by Doctor's Data (DDI) against Dr. Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch, Inc., and the National Council against Health Fraud, Inc., has been settled amicably. The suit, filed in 2010, charged that Dr. Barrett had improperly criticized DDI on and other sites that he controls.

DDI is a CLIA- and OSHA-certified laboratory that provides specialty testing to health care practitioners. One of its tests measures the levels of lead and other toxic metals in the urine. The lawsuit centered around an article by Dr. Barrett about how doctors were using test reports on urine specimens that had been obtained after administering a chelating drug to the patient. This test process—called "provoked" or "challenge" testing—has been criticized by the American College of Medical Toxicologists and other mainstream medical organizations.

In 2009, Dr. Barrett posted an article describing how doctors who submitted provoked specimens to DDI were improperly telling patients they had heavy metal poisoning for which chelation is needed. DDI's lawsuit charged that the article falsely implied that DDI was responsible for how doctors interpret the test reports. In settling the suit, DDI and Dr. Barrett acknowledged that:

The settlement agreement has other terms that will remain confidential.

This article was posted on July 18, 2017.

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